ADJ about n

The 'specific' and 'vague' group

These adjectives indicate that someone says something clearly and precisely or unclearly and imprecisely.
Mr Green also challenged the government to be clear about its intentions.
Police were vague about the gunman's demands, saying he had asked to go to Paris and to speak to a government representative.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause, especially in the case of specific.
Larkin was absolutely specific about wanting the diaries destroyed.
In the case of clear, explicit, precise, specific, unclear, and vague, the preposition is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
Marcel is specific about what he wants.
If you feel unclear about what is happening, ask questions.
  • clear
  • enigmatic
  • exact
  • explicit
  • hazy
  • imprecise
  • inconclusive
  • lucid
  • mysterious
  • plain
  • precise
  • specific
  • unambiguous
  • unclear
  • unspecific
  • vague
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