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The 'apologetic' group

These adjectives indicate that someone feels sorry for something they have done. They are often used in this pattern to indicate that someone apologizes for something. We include here unapologetic, unashamed, and unrepentant, which indicate that someone does not apologize.
Gary is unashamed about his influences.
In the case of apologetic, sheepish and unrepentant, the preposition about is followed by an '-ing' clause.
This is her fourth appointment, and she's apologetic about being 10 minutes late.
Evans said he didn't feel sheepish about collecting the trophy.
Trish was unrepentant about sharing her secrets with three million television viewers.
  • apologetic
  • ashamed
  • contrite
  • guilty
  • remorseful
  • shamefaced
  • sheepish
  • sorry
  • unapologetic
  • unashamed
  • unrepentant
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