ADJ about n

The 'ruthless' group

These adjectives indicate that someone does something in a determined or consistent way. Sometimes this is judged to be a good thing, sometimes it is judged to be a bad thing.
You must undertake to be completely reliable about whatever you agree to do.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
You should be very aggressive about marketing your firm.
Patients may have to be firm about asking for drug treatment.
He is someone who is ruthless about correcting faults in his own work and in others.
  • adventurous
  • aggressive
  • authoritarian
  • belligerent
  • bold
  • consistent
  • firm
  • inflexible
  • militant
  • pushy
  • reckless
  • relentless
  • reliable
  • rigorous
  • ruthless
  • stubborn
  • zealous
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