ADJ about n

The 'nervous' group

These adjectives indicate that someone feels worried or fearful about a situation, particularly a possible situation in the future.
She is increasingly nervous about her future in the city she has grown to love.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause, especially in the case of afraid, anxious, apprehensive, cautious, fearful, frantic, leery, nervous, paranoid, squeamish, timid, wary, and worried.
If you feel anxious about leaving your child then a good solution is to stay and help until he feels happier about being left on his own.
I must confess that I was nervous and wary about meeting him.
Relaxation is good for people who are worried about flying.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by a noun group and an '-ing' clause. This pattern is ADJ about n -ing.
He can become fearful about both of you assuming new roles in life.
  • afraid
  • anxious
  • apprehensive
  • cautious
  • chary
  • edgy
  • fearful
  • frantic
  • insecure
  • jittery
  • jumpy
  • leery
  • nervous
  • nervy
  • neurotic
  • panicky
  • paranoid
  • phobic
  • reluctant
  • tense
  • timid
  • twitchy
  • uptight
  • wary
  • worried
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