ADJ from n

The 'absent' group

These adjectives indicate that one person, thing, or group is separate from another person, thing, or group. This separation may be
    physical e.g. absent, missing, remote
    legal e.g. divorced, separated
    emotional e.g. alienated, detached, estranged
Between March 2014 and January 2016, he was absent from work for 35 days.
Many young people are in danger of being alienated from the rest of society which offers them little or no future.
She is divorced from their father.
Further is often used in the phrase nothing could be further from the truth.
Sally appears the image of total health and fitness. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • absent
  • alienated
  • aloof
  • detached
  • disengaged
  • distanced
  • distant
  • divorced
  • equidistant
  • estranged
  • far
  • further
  • independent
  • missing
  • remote
  • separated
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