adj N

The 'deck' group

These nouns refer to a part of a place, organization, or thing.
Perhaps he believed she would take one look at the dry plain beyond the coastal belt and give up.
The nearby streets, filmed from the top deck of a London bus, are devoid of parking restrictions or one-way systems.
It is the biggest sheep producer in the northern hemisphere, supplying huge demand in France and the rest of Europe.
The scales that make up the outer layer of each strand become dry and no longer lie flat.
Lake Guerledan is a reservoir on the upper reaches of the Blavet river.
These included the Communist Party General Secretary, Joe Slovo, who was a former head of the military wing of the ANC.
  • belt
  • branch
  • deck
  • division
  • echelon
  • elevation
  • end
  • face
  • hemisphere
  • lane
  • layer
  • lobe
  • part
  • plane
  • quadrant
  • quarter
  • reaches
  • rung
  • section
  • sector
  • storey
  • stream
  • wing
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