ADJ towards/toward n

The 'aggressive' group

These adjectives indicate that someone has negative feelings towards someone or something, or that they behave in a way that is unkind or unfair. The verb used with the adjective is often feel as well as be. A wide range of adjectives are used with this pattern; the adjectives listed here are the ones which are most frequently used in this way.
He was cheeky to his teachers and aggressive towards the other boys.
Mr Bond admitted feeling bitter towards some former colleagues.
She never wondered why I should feel hostile toward my mother or father.
He is not physically violent towards her or her family but gets angry when drunk.
  • abusive
  • aggressive
  • angry
  • antagonistic
  • arrogant
  • bitter
  • cold
  • condescending
  • hostile
  • insensitive
  • jealous
  • merciless
  • negative
  • pugnacious
  • resentful
  • unfriendly
  • unjust
  • unsympathetic
  • vindictive
  • violent
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