ADJ with n

The 'comparable' group

These adjectives indicate that two or more people, groups, or things are similar or connected in some way, or that they are different or unconnected. This includes adjectives that indicate:
    that things are connected e.g. affiliated, associated, connected
    that things are similar e.g. cognate, identical, synonymous
    that things are partly similar e.g. comparable, competitive, consistent
    that things are not similar e.g. incompatible, inconsistent
    that things happen at the same time e.g. coincident, concomitant
    that things are physically together e.g. contiguous, flush, level
    that things occur alternately e.g. interlaced, interspersed
We're not affiliated with a particular religion.
Sales figures were comparable with those at previous major exhibitions.
Post-mortem evidence on all the dead had shown that they died instantly of multiple injuries consistent with a crash.
Apply adhesive to the back of a tile with the spreader and press the tile into place. Make sure the tile is flush with the surrounding tiles.
A meditative lifestyle would strike most people as highly incompatible with life in a modern industrial society.
Tonight's special includes clips of the charming actress's interviews, interspersed with the most memorable moments from her films and comments from her friends and colleagues.
This collection of wedding dresses is synonymous with style, quality and originality.
  • affiliated
  • aligned
  • associated
  • cognate
  • coincident
  • commensurate
  • comparable
  • compatible
  • competitive
  • concomitant
  • concurrent
  • congruent
  • connected
  • consistent
  • consonant
  • contemporary
  • contiguous
  • continuous
  • coterminous
  • flush
  • identical
  • incompatible
  • inconsistent
  • interchangeable
  • interlaced
  • interspersed
  • irreconcilable
  • level
  • level pegging
  • parallel
  • simultaneous
  • synonymous
  • unconnected
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