ADJ with n

The 'angry' group

These adjectives indicate that someone feels something, such as anger, love, pleasure, or displeasure. The noun group following with indicates what the emotion relates to.
I thought I was angry with them, but I realise I was angry at myself.
The most important things in life are to feel comfortable with oneself and to be content in one's surroundings.
She said she was happy with her achievements against tough opposition.
I was particularly taken with the work of a writer called Dee Caruso.
The preposition with is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
These warnings do little to sway couples who are consumed with finding a child at any cost.
The drug barons are not content with simply dominating the world cocaine market. They've already begun to diversify their product line.
  • angry
  • annoyed
  • besotted
  • bored
  • chuffed
  • comfortable
  • consumed
  • content
  • contented
  • cross
  • delighted
  • disappointed
  • discontented
  • disenchanted
  • disgusted
  • disillusioned
  • displeased
  • dissatisfied
  • enamoured
  • exasperated
  • fascinated
  • fed up
  • furious
  • happy
  • impressed
  • infatuated
  • livid
  • mad
  • obsessed
  • pleased
  • satisfied
  • smitten
  • sympathetic
  • taken
  • thrilled
  • uncomfortable
  • uneasy
  • unhappy
  • unimpressed
  • unsatisfied
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