ADJ with n

Adjectives with other meanings

There are a number of other adjectives that have this pattern. Alone and closeted are reciprocal adjectives.
Faith's father took a job as a travelling salesman when the rains stopped, leaving her alone with her mother, Bella, an unstable artist who sees fairies.
He was consumed with anxiety to learn what else had been happening.
In less than twenty-four hours, he would be finished with the project.
Minibuses carrying schoolchildren must be fitted with seat belts.
Isabella is seven months' pregnant with her first baby.
You are usually very clever and quick with excuses.
People know most of their secrets are safe with me.
Two adjectives, amiss and wrong, are also used in questions such as What is wrong with you? See also Sections 126 and 127.
I began to be sick in the mornings and couldn't understand what was wrong with me.
  • alone
  • amiss
  • closeted
  • concerned
  • consumed
  • finished
  • fitted
  • free
  • in touch
  • pregnant
  • quick
  • ready
  • resonant
  • safe
  • supplied
  • through
  • wrong
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