ADJ with n

The 'patient' group

These adjectives indicate that someone behaves in a particular way with respect to someone or something. We include here close, friendly, and intimate, which are reciprocal adjectives indicating that two people have a close relationship.
He would never be adventurous with his choice of friends, he wouldn't branch out and want to meet more interesting people.
I would love it if you were more affectionate with me, even if we're with other people.
Stewart's humble beginnings encouraged him to be careful with his money.
She had to be firm with him. 'I don't want to see you again' she said.
I have been entirely frank with you and I trust you to be equally candid with me.
They may tell you that you're wrong about yourself; that you're not as generous with others as you imagine.
Barbara was able to continue feeling intimate with her daughter even though their relationship had changed.
Authorities have promised to be lenient with dealers who turn themselves in.
It is extremely important that parents are open with their child and encourage discussion.
He was tremendously patient with the children, yet firm enough that they responded to his love.
  • adventurous
  • affectionate
  • aggressive
  • awkward
  • candid
  • careful
  • careless
  • close
  • firm
  • frank
  • friendly
  • generous
  • gentle
  • heavy-handed
  • honest
  • impatient
  • intimate
  • involved
  • lenient
  • liberal
  • mean
  • open
  • pally
  • patient
  • rough
  • ruthless
  • short
  • stern
  • straight
  • strict
  • tough
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