Collective nouns

2 Collective singular nouns

Some collective nouns are singular nouns, that is, they are used with a determiner and have no plural form. Like collective count nouns, they can be used with either a singular or plural verb (when they are the Subject of a verb).These nouns are labelled N-SING in the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, with the added information '[with sing or pl verb]'.
For the first time since the 1930s, the Peruvian bourgeoisie had no opposition and has its own government.
In Wright's formulation, among the four groups engaged in large-scale capitalist economic activities, the bourgeoisie are at the very top.
She remarks that of late her clientele has included several art students from Munich's university.
The clientele were mainly postmen, building workers and city messengers.
The enemy lurks just across the cornfield and over the misty-blue rise of mountains.
The enemy crawl silently through their tunnels.
The headquarters is in the sea-front district, where most of the city's luxury hotels are located.
The police headquarters are now on fire after the demonstrators lit vehicles near the building.
The media is very often highly resistant to innovation and radicalism.
The media are not interested in the facts. They are obsessed with the figures.
The police is being reorganised along Western lines.
The police were called at 9.33 and arrived some 15 minutes later.
One thing both advertisers and politicians know too well is that the public becomes wise to their tactics remarkably fast.
The general public give an average of just 50p per year in voluntary donations to mental health charities.
His present whereabouts is not known.
Their current whereabouts are unknown.
  • above
  • array
  • artillery
  • bench
  • bourgeoisie
  • citizenry
  • clientele
  • community
  • crew
  • defence
  • enemy
  • floor
  • general public
  • guard
  • handful
  • headquarters
  • intelligentsia
  • judiciary
  • laity
  • left
  • majority
  • mass media
  • media
  • military police
  • ministry
  • minority
  • nobility
  • old guard
  • opposition
  • peasantry
  • petit bourgeoisie
  • plethora
  • police
  • praetorian guard
  • press
  • proletariat
  • prosecution
  • public
  • right
  • riot police
  • silent majority
  • triumvirate
  • upper crust
  • whereabouts
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