Collective nouns

3 Collective uncount nouns

Some collective nouns are uncount nouns, that is, they are typically used without determiners or with quantifiers like all or some, and they have no plural form.These nouns are labelled N-UNCOUNT in the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, with the added information '[with sing or pl verb]'.
Graffiti is generally unattractive and costly to remove.
The Brew Crew's graffiti still deface walls and the air is pervaded by a smell of damp decay.
Another problem is the increasing distance which livestock is forced to travel to EC-approved abattoirs.
Livestock were frequently forced to travel more than 40 hours to their final destinations in breach of British law.
The key to success, reckons Mr Anderson, will be keeping distribution costs low: logistics is now more important in our industry than technology.
Although the benefits are apparent, the logistics of developing the system are fiendishly complex.
  • air traffic control
  • algae
  • cavalry
  • clubs
  • diamonds
  • graffiti
  • hearts
  • infantry
  • livestock
  • logistics
  • prey
  • spades
  • trumps
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