Colour words

The 'canary yellow' group

These colour words consist of two words combined together. They can be two colour words, as in navy-blue or olive green, or a noun and a colour word, as in blood-red or bottle-green, or an adjective and a colour word, as in royal blue.
He wore foppish hats, canary-yellow gloves, and patent-leather shoes.
Seen in spring from the valley below, the ancient city of Pinara in Southern Turkey is a blaze of lime green.
  • baby blue
  • baby pink
  • blood-red
  • blue-black
  • bottle-green
  • canary yellow
  • cherry red
  • chocolate brown
  • coal black
  • cobalt blue
  • duck-egg blue
  • electric-blue
  • grass green
  • ice-blue
  • jade green
  • jet black
  • leaf green
  • lemon yellow
  • lime green
  • midnight blue
  • milk white
  • navy-blue
  • nut-brown
  • off-white
  • olive green
  • peacock blue
  • powder blue
  • rose-red
  • rosy pink
  • royal blue
  • salmon pink
  • sea-blue
  • sea-green
  • shell pink
  • shocking pink
  • sky-blue
  • slate-grey
  • sugar pink
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