Comparative adjectives

Pattern 12: the ADJ-COMPAR n, the ADJ-COMPAR n

There are two comparative adjectives in this pattern. Each of them follows the and is followed by a noun group. This pattern indicates that two things change in proportion to each other.
The more indebted a company, the bigger the change in its cost of capital.
The more outrageous the bid, the more likely its chances of success.
According to the theory of deterrence, the more severe the punishment, the less likely the crime.
Either one of the noun groups, or both, is sometimes followed by a link verb.
As they knew, the more concrete the plans become, the higher the risk of fear and doubt among ordinary people.
The more intimate his songs have become, the less effective they seem to be.
Basically, the more popular the course, the more scarce the places are going to be.
The more relaxed a thing is, the more successful it is.

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