det ADJ n

The 'following' group

These adjectives indicate where something is, or when it occurs, in relation to something else.
The Joint Research Centre employs postgraduate researchers in the aforementioned disciplines to work on joint projects.
Returning to her husband in the spring of 1920, she gave birth, over the ensuing 12 years, six more times.
When I went to interviews and people asked me why I had left my last job, I was honest.
We went Christmas shopping in London the other day. It was a big mistake.
Later in the show Ann described the threatening phone message Derek had left the previous week.
  • aforementioned
  • aforesaid
  • ensuing (the)
  • final
  • following (the)
  • last
  • later
  • near (the)
  • next (the)
  • other (the)
  • past (the)
  • penultimate
  • previous (the)
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