det ADJ n

The 'requisite' group

These adjectives identify something in some other way. Late identifies a person who has died.
These photographs are from the collection of the late Michael Daunt OBE, one-time chief test pilot of Gloster Aircraft Ltd.
Since all constitutional changes require a two-thirds majority, the magic number in the 100-member senate is 67.
If a sweet paper or a discarded sandal is dropped I can harpoon the offending object or deftly sweep it aside.
Last year alone, she paid for an indoor swimming pool, an elaborate sports complex for her old school and a costly refurbishment of the town's biggest kindergarten.
Once on the bus, my neighbor and the driver thought of two other routes for me to try, but I stuck to my original plan.
He'd met with his adviser, he'd registered, signed up for the requisite courses. He'd even gone to the first few weeks of classes.
Simply wash your car in the usual way and Wash-n-wax will leave a lasting protective shine.
In the case of respective, the noun following the adjective is plural. This pattern is poss ADJ pl-n.
Their fathers are both farmers back in their respective countries.
  • accustomed (my)
  • late (the)
  • magic (the)
  • offending (the)
  • old (my)
  • original
  • regular
  • relevant (the)
  • requisite
  • respective (my)
  • usual
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