in N

The 'layers' group

These nouns refer to ways in which things or people are arranged.
It showed a clear image of white, luminous saucer-shaped objects flying in formation against a blue sky.
Her clothes lay in heaps on the floor.
This coffee-soaked sponge with soft cheese and fresh raspberries in layers is best made a day ahead.
The atoms are arranged in a hexagonal pattern.
There must have been about fifty of them, all standing in a row.
  • in bundles*
  • in circles*
  • in clumps*
  • in clusters*
  • in convoy
  • in formation*
  • in groups
  • in heaps*
  • in layers*
  • in line
  • in order
  • in pairs
  • in piles*
  • in ranks*
  • in rows
  • in single file
  • in a ball*
  • in a bundle*
  • in a circle
  • in a cluster
  • in a convoy
  • in a crocodile
  • in a curve*
  • in a heap*
  • in a line*
  • in a pile*
  • in a ring*
  • in a row
  • in a ... pattern*
  • in a ... shape*
  • The nouns marked with an asterisk (*) also have the pattern into N.
    The rice is then cut, tied into bundles, sun-dried briefly and then threshed and milled to remove the two outer husks.
    Raking leaves into a pile and jumping into them brings out the child in us all.
    Roll each length into a cone shape.

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