in N

The 'despair' group

These nouns refer to someone's physical or emotional state.
She was in a coma for two weeks.
I still love him but I am in despair.
She was in hysterics. She was screaming.
He was always in a better mood with a meal inside him.
I found him in good spirits.
Repose is used when describing someone's face looking peaceful. Whirl is used when talking about someone's thoughts being confused.
Even when his face was in repose, the gleam of good humour lurked in his grey eyes.
My thoughts were in a whirl.
  • in agony
  • in denial
  • in despair*
  • in ecstasy*
  • in fear (of ...)
  • in fits*
  • in good form
  • in hysterics*
  • in labour*
  • in love
  • in mourning*
  • in pain
  • in repose
  • in seventh heaven
  • in shock*
  • in stitches
  • in tears*
  • in torment
  • in a cold sweat*
  • in a coma*
  • in a ferment
  • in a frenzy*
  • in a fury*
  • in a huff*
  • in a panic*
  • in a rage*
  • in a reverie*
  • in a spin*
  • in a state*
  • in a stew
  • in a stupor*
  • in a sulk*
  • in a temper*
  • in a tizzy*
  • in a trance*
  • in a whirl
  • in a ... frame of mind*
  • in a ... humour*
  • in a ... mood*
  • in a ... state of mind*
  • in a ... temper
  • in good/bad humour
  • in ... spirits
  • The nouns marked with an asterisk (*) also have the pattern into N.
    When Serge Gainsbourg died, the entire French nation went into mourning.
    Thunderstorms threw her into a panic.
    I burst into tears and ran off the stage.

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