in N

The 'captivity', 'comfort', and 'debt' group

These nouns refer to the situation that a person or animal is living in. This includes:
    being punished or ill-treated e.g. in captivity, in custody
    being wealthy or comfortable e.g. in comfort, in the lap of luxury
    being famous or unknown e.g. in obscurity, in the limelight
    working or not working e.g. in retirement, in service
    being ill or not e.g. in remission, in traction
    having enough or not enough money e.g. in credit, in debt
An American hostage has been released by his kidnappers after more than three years in captivity.
Yes, I did drive a Rolls and lived in luxury because that's what people expected of me.
Because of the lack of a proper career structure within television, I got stuck in a rut for quite a while.
  • in analysis*
  • in arrears*
  • in captivity*
  • in clover
  • in comfort
  • in credit
  • in custody*
  • in debt*
  • in deficit*
  • in detention
  • in exile*
  • in hibernation*
  • in hiding*
  • in hock
  • in luxury
  • in obscurity*
  • in peace
  • in poverty*
  • in purdah*
  • in quarantine*
  • in recovery
  • in remission*
  • in retirement*
  • in service
  • in solitary
  • in solitary confinement
  • in therapy*
  • in traction
  • in the black*
  • in the lap of luxury
  • in the limelight*
  • in the red*
  • in the spotlight*
  • in a rut
  • The nouns marked with an asterisk (*) also have the pattern into N.
    He has now been thrust into the limelight with a high-profile job just four months after joining Radio 1 as a trainee on an equal opportunities scheme.
    Whether the groups gain new support or fade back into obscurity remains to be seen.

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