Introductory it as Object

2.2 V it to n to-inf

The verb is followed by it, a prepositional phrase beginning with to, and a to-infinitive clause. The prepositional phrase usually indicates a human being, but in the case of owe it may be a country or institution.
You just shut your eyes, and left it to the other people to clear up the mess!
I owe it to my country to fight for what's right.
In the case of leave, there is a passive pattern it be V-ed to n to-inf, where it is the Subject of the clause.
It was left to him to assess the needs of the various underground groups and dispense the cash according to these needs.
In the case of owe, the noun group is often a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V it to pron-refl to-inf.
You were born to be happy and healthy and you owe it to yourself to achieve this goal.
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