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The 'surprising' and 'interesting' group

These adjectives indicate that something is expected or unexpected. This includes adjectives which indicate
    that something is ordinary e.g. customary, normal, usual
    that something is not ordinary e.g. extraordinary, odd, rare
    that something is surprising e.g. amazing, remarkable, surprising
    that something is interesting e.g. fascinating, interesting, intriguing
The adjective interesting is particularly frequent in this pattern.
When Japanese people visit friends, it's customary to bring a gift.
It will be interesting to see how the players perform against the best team in the world.
It seems pretty odd to allow a documentary to be made about your honeymoon.
It's surprising to discover that geologists can learn about the geological past of Europe and Africa by flying an aircraft off the coast of Canada.
  • amazing
  • astonishing
  • bizarre
  • common
  • commonplace
  • conventional
  • curious
  • customary
  • extraordinary
  • fascinating
  • funny
  • human
  • incredible
  • inevitable
  • interesting
  • intriguing
  • natural
  • normal
  • odd
  • rare
  • remarkable
  • significant
  • staggering
  • startling
  • strange
  • striking
  • surprising
  • traditional
  • uncanny
  • unnatural
  • unusual
  • usual
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