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The 'fair' and 'ludicrous' group

These adjectives indicate that something is good or bad in some way. This includes adjectives such as fair or ludicrous which judge something as good or bad, where the verb is always seem, and adjectives such as gratifying or disappointing which indicate someone's reaction to something, where the verb is often be. All adjectives which indicate that a situation is good or bad are occasionally used in this way. We list here the adjectives most frequently used in this way.
It was very disappointing to me that Lisa felt this way.
It seemed only fair to me that she should have the money.
It seems ludicrous to me that a variety of apple that was produced in the time of Queen Victoria suddenly became illegal for sale in 1975.
  • crazy
  • disappointing
  • fair
  • gratifying
  • ironic
  • logical
  • ludicrous
  • painful
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