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The 'good' group

These adjectives indicate that something is judged to be good. Some of these, such as good, fantastic, and wonderful, indicate that something is good in a general way. Others, such as convenient, fitting, and healthy, indicate that something is judged to be good for a specific reason.
It would be good if a few more people grew gardens like this.
It would be helpful if you could tell us if you are planning to change the amount of gas you use. For example, you may have central heating put in.
A lot of women would agree with me when I say that it's really nice when you come across a woman who is speaking her mind.
Are you sure it's okay if I stay with you?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if I got the flat!
  • all right
  • appropriate
  • beneficial
  • brilliant
  • convenient
  • cool
  • desirable
  • fair
  • fantastic
  • fine
  • fitting
  • funny
  • good
  • great
  • healthy
  • helpful
  • ideal
  • lovely
  • marvellous
  • natural
  • nice
  • okay
  • perfect
  • pleasant
  • preferable
  • reasonable
  • satisfactory
  • sensible
  • special
  • splendid
  • super
  • superb
  • terrific
  • tremendous
  • useful
  • valuable
  • wise
  • wonderful
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