it v-link det N that

The 'pity' group

These nouns indicate that someone thinks of a situation as being bad or shocking in some way.
It is a disaster that a once-thriving industry has been decimated and reduced to zero.
It is a national disgrace that standards of English have been allowed to fall.
'It is a pity that we have to meet under such tragic circumstances,' he told her.
It is a scandal that charities like ours are being left out when the Government is making so much money.
It is a shame that the world has not had a chance to see me play.
  • crime
  • disappointment
  • disaster
  • disgrace
  • farce
  • misfortune
  • mistake
  • outrage
  • pity
  • scandal
  • shame
  • shock
  • tragedy
  • travesty
  • worry
  • There is one noun, nonsense, which is used without a determiner. This pattern is it v-link N that.
    It is nonsense that a habit everyone knows kills people is still permitted in hospitals where the victims of smoking are treated.

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