N about n

The 'talk' group

These nouns refer to speech or information. We include here reticence and silence, which refer to a failure to speak.
I wanted his advice about Christopher's will.
I'm used to jokes about women drivers.
Rumours about the cause of the accident still circulate in the area.
The government is maintaining strict silence about the attack.
I gave a talk about racism in Britain on a Channel 4 programme.
With some of these nouns, especially adage, advice, claim, cliché, comment, debate, information, nonsense, remark, suggestion, talk, and warning, the preposition about is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The only way to find out what he was doing was to bang on his door and risk his acerbic comments about disturbing his work.
For more information about using your gas appliances economically contact your local office.
With some of these nouns, the preposition about is sometimes followed by a noun group and an '-ing' clause. This pattern is N about n -ing.
You lied to me! All that garbage about a car breaking down...
He said Government warnings about girls suffering vitamin deficiency from not eating meat were ridiculous.
With some of these nouns, especially advice, debate, discussion, information, instructions, question, and suggestion, the preposition about is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
This will at least start a debate about what should be done.
People are asking a lot more questions about how beef is produced.
  • accusation
  • adage
  • advice
  • allegation (usu plural)
  • announcement
  • assurances
  • banter
  • boast
  • call
  • cant
  • chat
  • claim
  • cliché
  • comment
  • complaint
  • conversation
  • criticism
  • debate
  • details
  • discussion
  • evidence
  • fact (usu plural)
  • garbage
  • gen
  • generalization
  • gossip
  • hint
  • information
  • inquiry
  • instructions
  • interview
  • joke
  • lecture
  • lie
  • material
  • message
  • myth
  • news
  • nonsense
  • observation
  • point
  • prediction
  • protest
  • query
  • question
  • remark
  • report
  • reticence
  • revelation
  • rhetoric
  • rubbish
  • rumour
  • secret
  • signals
  • silence
  • speech
  • statement
  • stuff
  • suggestion
  • talk
  • truth
  • warning
  • word
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