N against n

The 'protection' group

These nouns refer to actions or things which protect someone or something from something.
A hot foot bath is the best preventive measure against colds.
The Ministry of Defence said it was taking all possible precautions against the use of chemical or biological warfare.
A widely-used sunscreen prevented sunburn but did not give much protection against skin cancer, a researcher said yesterday.
As a safeguard against racial bias, defence lawyers will be able to test prospective jurors on their racial views.
In the case of defence, insurance, insurance policy, precaution, and protection, the preposition against is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
Residents of the area have been warned to take precautions against contracting the disease.
  • barrier
  • bastion
  • buffer
  • bulwark
  • cushion
  • defence
  • hedge
  • immunization
  • inoculation
  • insulation
  • insurance
  • insurance policy
  • measure
  • precaution
  • protection
  • safeguard
  • vaccination
  • vaccine
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