N between pl-n

Nouns with other meanings

There are a number of other nouns which have this pattern.
This was done simply to make a comparison between the two systems.
This would lead to the risk of confusion between the different legal functions of a driving licence and an identity card.
You have to be a cross between a chess player, a commando and a top athlete.
News of his appointment sparked talk of a merger between GUS and Next.
The United Nations hoped to broker a peaceful transition between the old Communist regime and the new Muslim government.
In the case of analogy, choice, comparison, and compromise, the preposition between is sometimes followed by two '-ing' clauses joined by and (or, in the case of choice, or).
School-leavers have a choice between dropping out of education at 16 and going on to university.
Division is usually used with the pattern N of n between n.
The division of education and training between two different government departments is clearly wasteful.
  • alternation
  • analogy
  • choice
  • collision
  • comparison
  • compromise
  • confusion
  • contact
  • cross
  • crossover
  • distance
  • division
  • encounter
  • imbalance
  • integration
  • merger
  • oscillation
  • toss-up
  • transition
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