N in n

The 'involvement' group

These nouns refer to involvement in something.
She hopes to do this by gaining a foothold in the fashion industry.
He is vehemently opposed to state interference in anything.
He's also been accused of involvement in some of the later coup attempts.
In the case of the following nouns, the preposition in is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause: assistance, complicity, help, interest, investment, involvement, part, participation, role, share, stake, vested interest, voice.
He was locked in a cage for a month for his part in planning an uprising of prisoners and locals.
Lead is always preceded by the determiner the.
Two years later she played the lead in 'National Velvet'.
  • absorption
  • assistance
  • complicity
  • foothold
  • help
  • immersion
  • interest
  • interference
  • intervention
  • investment
  • involvement
  • lead
  • part
  • participation
  • role
  • share
  • stake
  • toehold
  • vested interest
  • voice
  • There are also a number of nouns which refer to someone who is involved in something.
    Had he lived, it is likely that he would have become a dominating force in British politics.
    Older children are encouraged to become active participants in their own healing process.
    It would be easy for cynics to regard him as a mere pawn in the game being played out before the world's press.
    In the case of partner and prime mover, the preposition in is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
    The Prime Minister has said Britain intends to be an enthusiastic partner in building the Europe of the future.
  • contender
  • force
  • participant
  • partner
  • pawn
  • player
  • prime mover
  • shareholder
  • stakeholder
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