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The 'trader' group

These nouns refer to people who have particular jobs. There are various kinds of relationships between the two nouns.
The thing indicated by the first noun is directly affected by the person indicated by the second noun; for example, a window cleaner cleans windows; a wood carver carves wood. Usually there is a verb which relates to the second noun, as in window cleaner, but sometimes there is not, as in landscape architect; the relationship is very similar even when there is no related verb.
One man, a window cleaner aged 19, was arrested.
A baggage handler at New York's Kennedy Airport appeared in court yesterday on theft charges.
A maths master is quitting his job to set up a school without uniforms, teachers, or classrooms.
Mr Castelli, a flower seller from Bergamo, first arrived in the UK in March 1994.
He came to London via Cuba, where he was a sugar trader.
  • architect (landscape)
  • breeder (racehorse)
  • carver
  • catcher (rat)
  • cleaner
  • coach
  • collector (refuse)
  • co-ordinator (campaign)
  • developer (property)
  • distributor
  • exporter (grain)
  • grower (apple)
  • handler (dog)
  • handler (baggage)
  • instructor
  • manufacturer
  • master (maths)
  • mistress (maths)
  • operator (computer)
  • picker (fruit)
  • planner (town)
  • repairman
  • restorer
  • salesman
  • seller
  • teacher
  • trader
  • vendor
  • The first noun refers to the place where the person indicated by the second noun works,or the institution in which they work. For example, a car-park attendant works in a car-park, and an army chaplain works in the army.The first noun refers to the subject area in which the person indicated by the second noun works. For example, a defence minister works in the area of defence.

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