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The 'hunting' group

These nouns refer to activities. Usually the thing indicated by the first noun is directly affected by or involved with the activity indicated by the second noun; for example, food distribution involves distributing food; power generation involves generating power. There are some exceptions to this; for example in shooting spree and tennis tournament, the first noun give more information about the second noun.
He died last year of a heart attack while being treated for drug abuse.
Chomsky sees himself as preparing the ground for a successful theory of first language acquisition.
I found wood carving satisfying and painting fun.
In the US they have very tight controls on waste disposal.
She is planning to go to South America, and she would like to use her teaching skills to promote health education.
The plan to ban more power generation from gas would mean soaring electricity bills.
Vicky had been deserted by her husband and forced to go out job hunting to support herself and her young son.
By then the Honda company was the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, and the next year it went into car manufacture.
Experts have long been concerned about the quality of private nursery provision.
Basketball and going to the opera are among his leisure pursuits.
Some airlines and tour companies will throw in free car rental.
A gunman with a high-powered rifle went on a shooting spree, killing eight people including a toddler and a policeman.
In the Burgundy area of France there's the opportunity for wine-tasting at some of the world's most famous vineyards.
One of Sheffield's main crime problems is car theft.
Over the entire episode looms the dark shape of US government complicity in vast drug-trafficking and gun-running.
  • abuse (drug)
  • abuse (child)
  • accompaniment (piano)
  • acquisition (language)
  • allocation (resource)
  • -baiting
  • -bashing
  • carving (wood)
  • conservation (nature)
  • conservation (energy)
  • construction (boat)
  • consumption (fuel)
  • consumption (alcohol)
  • control (arms)
  • dealing (drug)
  • disposal (waste)
  • distribution (food)
  • distribution (income)
  • donation (organ)
  • education (health)
  • effort (famine relief)
  • embargo (arms)
  • fiddle (tax)
  • generation (power)
  • hire
  • hook-up (satellite)
  • hunt
  • hunting (job)
  • limitation (damage)
  • making
  • manufacture (car)
  • management (time)
  • misuse (drug)
  • operation (rescue)
  • practice
  • propulsion
  • provision (nursery)
  • pursuits (leisure)
  • rationing (food)
  • reduction
  • relief (famine)
  • rental
  • repair
  • reshuffle (cabinet)
  • restraint (wage)
  • reversal
  • rigging (vote)
  • routine (dance)
  • rubbing (brass)
  • -running (gun)
  • rustling
  • shake-up
  • -spotting (train)
  • spree
  • stoppage
  • swap
  • tampering (product)
  • tap (phone)
  • tasting (wine)
  • theft
  • tournament
  • trafficking (drug)
  • transfer (data)
  • transmission (data)
  • transplant (heart)
  • trials (horse)
  • update (news)
  • uptake (calcium)
  • utilization
  • warfare
  • -watching
  • waving (flag)
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