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The 'shortage' group

These nouns refer to events or situations. In some cases the thing indicated by the first noun is directly affected by the event indicated by the second noun; for example, weight loss is the loss of weight. In other cases the first noun gives more information about the event or situation; for example, news blackout and housing boom.
Mr Mubarak survived an assassination attempt by gunmen who fired on his motorcade.
Artillery bombardment has continued unabated from the hills around the town.
His father, a minister in Nkrumah's government, died in a mysterious car crash.
A wet spring produced lush plant growth and a population explosion of the aphids on which ladybirds feed.
Election fever is spreading, and there's a rush to educate millions of new voters.
Fears are growing of a cholera outbreak in the city where there has been no piped water since July.
The issues of terrorism, arms proliferation and unstable states are real, but they are better dealt with globally, by cooperation.
She believed that part of her weight problem was caused by fluid retention.
The failure of suppliers to deliver products had led to a disastrous food shortage in the city.
In these most vulnerable sites shipping can cause disturbance to wildlife and even a small oil spill would be catastrophic.
It's worth remembering that staff turnover is likely to be 10-20 per cent a year.
  • affair (Watergate)
  • attempt (coup)
  • blackout (news)
  • blackout (power)
  • blitz (advertising)
  • bombardment
  • boom (housing)
  • buyout (management)
  • championship
  • class
  • crash
  • craze
  • cut (tax)
  • cut (electricity)
  • depletion (ozone)
  • epidemic
  • explosion (population)
  • display
  • extravaganza
  • failure
  • fever (election)
  • flow (blood)
  • flow (traffic)
  • flow (information)
  • freeze (wage)
  • gain (weight)
  • growth (population)
  • hike (tax)
  • infestation
  • injection (cash)
  • lapse
  • loss
  • outbreak
  • processing (data)
  • proliferation
  • reduction
  • retention
  • roadshow (Radio 1)
  • sales (ticket)
  • session (therapy)
  • shortage
  • spectacular (television)
  • spill (oil)
  • spurt (growth)
  • swing (mood)
  • turnover (staff)
  • wreck (car)
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