n N

The 'agency' group

These nouns refer to groups of people and organizations. The first noun gives more information about the group or organization.
In Taiwan, a government agency organised the dissemination of foreign technology and best practice.
The local planning authority is insisting that the manor should only be used either as a country club, hotel or luxury apartments.
The C.A.A. is a very busy government body which acts as watchdog on aircraft safety.
She says what was once largely the domain of the blue rinse brigade has, in recent years, attracted a far broader audience, with increasing numbers of young people visiting the festival.
He was boasting of his plans to build another worldwide business empire from his Spanish island refuge.
The government pollution inspectorate has given initial approval for the plans but called for further evidence of emission controls.
Police who smashed an international drugs ring have been told they can keep the cash and cars they seized.
The UK's official human rights watchdog has warned the government that its newly published guidance on torture may be unlawful and open to challenge in the courts.
  • academy
  • administration
  • agency
  • authority
  • body (government)
  • brigade
  • chain (supermarket)
  • community
  • company
  • concern (business)
  • crowd (Hollywood)
  • directorate
  • division (sales)
  • division (army)
  • element (hooligan)
  • empire (business)
  • fraternity (yachting)
  • giant
  • group
  • hierarchy
  • high command
  • inspectorate
  • label (record)
  • line (shipping)
  • lobby (farming)
  • movement (feminist)
  • network (support)
  • network (TV)
  • population (adult)
  • profession
  • ring (spy)
  • school (Chicago)
  • section (wind)
  • service (health)
  • set (polo)
  • squad
  • station (TV)
  • system (prison)
  • troop (scout)
  • union (currency)
  • watchdog (consumer)
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