N of n

The 'issue' group

The noun indicates what something is in a general way. The noun group after of tells you specifically what that thing is; it identifies the first noun.
The burden of taxation still falls most heavily on ordinary families, often with children.
The whole concept of community disease prevention programmes relies on widespread diligence in having children vaccinated.
The reports conclude that there is a feeling of isolation and despair among the rising prison population of foreign nationals.
For us to be competitive internationally, we're going to have to do better in the field of education.
The first scheme shows how to create the illusion of more space, using neutral tones and natural fabrics.
The issue of clean air in restaurants will not go away and customers will vote with their feet in the end.
We had spent a childhood without exposure to the luxury of lollies, chocolates, ice-cream, or entertainment.
By 1947 he held the high post of chief of the Budget Bureau.
Haslam's scientific training was invaluable to Jones and they made a formidable combination of great value to the science of aviation.
Most of us regard the theory of evolution as a useful tool in helping to understand our world.
The preposition of is often followed by an '-ing' clause.
Even those who accept capital punishment in specific circumstances will find no sanction for the act of beheading in the Koran.
Coming to this school as a boarder I have had the advantage of being taught academic subjects in small groups.
Fifty years ago, London had only a handful of traffic wardens, with the sole aim of keeping traffic flowing.
Why not adopt the Italian custom of serving hot pasta in wide shallow bowls rather than flat plates?
At international level Bryan Robson has the rare distinction of holding two records for the fastest goal.
He has acquired an endearing habit of listening to every question with an expression of acute concentration.
Students often make the mistake of deciding their future before considering all the options, careers advisers say
The school also has a strong philosophy of developing self-worth and building self-esteem.
With some nouns, the preposition of is sometimes followed by a noun group and an '-ing' clause. This pattern is N of n -ing.
I can't help feeling vaguely disquieted at the prospect of my daughters playing rugby.
The preposition of is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
Some felt she was telling the Tory right that the Government should stay neutral on this issue, allowing women the choice of whether to go to work or not.
They must resolve the question of who is really in charge.
  • act
  • activity
  • advantage
  • aim
  • air (of amusement)
  • area
  • art
  • atmosphere
  • aura
  • benefit
  • burden
  • business
  • cargo
  • chant
  • choice
  • chorus
  • climate
  • concept
  • cry
  • cult
  • culture
  • current
  • custom
  • defect
  • diet
  • disadvantage
  • disease
  • distinction
  • doctrine
  • domain
  • donation
  • dream
  • ethic
  • facade
  • faculty
  • feeling
  • fever (of excitement)
  • field
  • framework (of regulations)
  • frenzy (of nationalism)
  • gift
  • habit
  • hazard
  • honour
  • idea
  • ideal
  • illusion
  • impression
  • institution
  • intention
  • issue
  • job
  • label
  • luxury
  • menace
  • merit
  • mistake
  • note (of nostalgia)
  • notion
  • option
  • path
  • philosophy
  • pleasure
  • ploy
  • post
  • power (of speech)
  • practice
  • problem
  • process
  • prospect
  • question
  • rank
  • realm
  • role
  • science
  • security
  • sensation
  • sense
  • sphere
  • state (of depression)
  • task
  • theme
  • theory (of evolution)
  • thought
  • threat
  • thrill
  • tide (of opinion)
  • tide (of history)
  • veil (of silence)
  • wall
  • winds (of change)
  • word (of warning)
  • world
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