N of n

The 'article' group

The noun is a count noun indicating an individual item. The noun group after of contains an uncount noun indicating the type of thing concerned. We include here copy, where of is followed by a count noun indicating a book or newspaper.
Detectives have taken away articles of clothing, bedding and other household items for forensic examination.
Peel one clove of garlic, crush it, and add to a little warm water and honey.
Every 16-year-old in Sweden is being given a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's call to arms, We Should All Be Feminists.
He went out to get a loaf of bread for the family.
Her house is full of sombre, dark pieces of furniture.
If you do not have an order form, simply set your order out clearly on a sheet of paper.
  • act (of sabotage)
  • article (of clothing)
  • bar (of soap)
  • bit (of furniture)
  • blade (of grass)
  • bolt (of lightning)
  • cake (of soap)
  • clove (of garlic)
  • copy
  • grain
  • item
  • loaf (of bread)
  • lump (of sugar)
  • particle
  • piece
  • round (of ammunition)
  • sheet (of paper)
  • sheet (of glass)
  • stick (of celery)
  • strand (of hair)
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