N of n

The 'episode' group

The noun refers to an event or occurrence of something, often sudden or extreme. The noun group after of indicates the thing involved.
He described his symptoms as like a sudden attack of low blood pressure.
A typical episode of severe depression, if untreated, lasts upwards of a year.
I still have the photo, and neither of us can look at it without bursting into gales of laughter.
As the spell of hot weather continues to break records, there are warnings across Britain of the dangers of countryside fires.
The authorities anticipate a wave of terrorism by the radicals.
  • attack
  • bout
  • case
  • epidemic
  • episode
  • fall (of snow)
  • fit
  • flash
  • flurry
  • gale
  • instance
  • occurrence
  • outbreak
  • outburst
  • rash
  • roar (of laughter)
  • round (of talks)
  • round (of applause)
  • run (of luck)
  • spate
  • spell
  • surge
  • volley (of gunfire)
  • wave
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