N of n

Nouns with other meanings

There are many other nouns which have this pattern.
It was the 10th anniversary of her mother's death, and the season reminded her that she was an orphan.
Memphis brags loudly that it's the barbecue capital of the world.
The Sunday lunch menu offered a choice of three dishes for each course.
He did not disclose the contents of the letter, which he said was marked 'private and confidential'.
When vigilance relaxes, the cycle of violence and bloodshed will resume.
All plants are clearly labelled, and displayed in alphabetical order for ease of reference.
Political correctness is the enemy of creativity.
The film won seven Cesars, the French equivalent of the Academy Awards, and a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.
He should not have to suffer severe financial loss through no fault of his own.
The letters appear to direct the finger of blame for Barings' collapse even more firmly at directors in the bank's London office.
The hand of the military authorities can be seen in the entire electoral process.
Without mathematics, pupils are not able to speak the language of science.
Spinoza held that miracles, if defined as events that break the laws of nature, do not occur.
The riverbus is an efficient system of catamarans linking Chelsea Harbour in the west with Charing Cross, the City, Docklands and Greenwich.
The White House has been the target of four attacks in the past year.
  • anniversary
  • avenue (of investigation)
  • beating
  • blur
  • capital
  • centre (of attention)
  • channel (of communication)
  • choice
  • circumstances
  • clarity (of vision)
  • clutches
  • concern
  • concerns
  • content
  • contents
  • context
  • control
  • convenience
  • cube
  • cuisine
  • custody
  • cycle
  • domain
  • dominance
  • dynamic
  • ease
  • echo
  • enemy
  • envy
  • equivalent
  • ethics
  • fault
  • favourite
  • finger (of blame)
  • focus
  • form
  • friendship
  • grasp
  • hand
  • history
  • home
  • indictment
  • land
  • language
  • lapse
  • law (of nature)
  • law (of gravity)
  • laws
  • lifetime
  • machinery
  • matter (of interpretation)
  • memory
  • ministry
  • native
  • object
  • opposite
  • orbit
  • order
  • organ
  • outline
  • ownership
  • path
  • pick
  • pillar (of society)
  • plight
  • predecessor
  • presidency
  • prey
  • principles
  • proofs
  • property
  • prototype
  • province
  • ranks (of the media)
  • rate
  • reflection
  • reign
  • reins (of power)
  • relation
  • replica
  • rule
  • rules
  • safety
  • sense
  • speciality
  • square
  • stronghold
  • subject (of criticism)
  • sum
  • system
  • tally
  • target
  • test
  • things
  • threshold
  • toast
  • view
  • wastes
  • wheel (of fortune)
  • wheels (of government)
  • world
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