N that

The 'possibility' group

These nouns are used when talking about how likely or unlikely something is.
There was a reasonable chance that the knife had been the murder weapon.
There are a number of advantages in writing to potential employers and offering your services on the off-chance that they have a suitable vacancy.
Riemann was describing the possibility that the entire Universe might be contained within what we would now call a black hole.
There was a significant risk that inflation would continue to rise.
Doubt, guarantee, hope, and question are usually used with the determiner no or little.
There was no doubt that the Americans had had a severe shock.
  • chance
  • danger
  • doubt
  • guarantee
  • hope
  • impossibility
  • inevitability
  • likelihood
  • odds
  • off-chance
  • possibility
  • probability
  • question
  • risk
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