N to n

The 'short cut' group

These nouns refer to ways of getting to a particular position, usually one you want to be in.
The greatest problem is getting young people to believe that training is their passport to success.
All-party talks still offer the best path to peace.
In the Middle Ages sheep represented the fastest short-cut to great wealth.
In the countries of the former Soviet Union, brilliant youngsters with a talent for chess are striving to use the game as a springboard to fame and fortune.
With most of these nouns, the preposition to is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The key to getting the best value for money is to shop extensively before making a choice.
  • bridge
  • fast track
  • first step
  • gateway
  • high road
  • key
  • passport
  • path
  • pathway
  • road
  • route
  • short cut
  • springboard
  • stepping stone
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