N to n

The 'promotion' group

These nouns refer to a change, especially a change of status, activity, organization, or nature.
A planning application for conversion to a 3 bedroom holiday-let unit is currently lodged with Pembrokeshire County Council.
Dobson's promotion to Chairman left the position of Group Managing Director to be filled.
In the second part, he explores Yeltsin's rise to power.
Another factor has been the switch to wine drinking.
In the case of return, shift, switch, and transition, the preposition to is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The album's most refreshing aspect is Wonder's return to writing songs of real quality.
  • accession
  • appointment
  • ascension
  • change
  • changeover
  • climb
  • conversion
  • crossover
  • defection
  • descent
  • election
  • elevation
  • lurch
  • move
  • passage
  • progress
  • promotion
  • regression
  • return
  • reversion
  • rise
  • shift
  • swing
  • switch
  • transformation
  • transition
  • translation
  • trend
  • The following nouns also have the pattern N from n to n: change, changeover, climb, conversion, crossover, descent, elevation, move, passage, promotion, rise, shift, switch, transformation, transition, and translation.
    I was glad to make the change from a small department to a large department.
    There is also one noun, convert, which refers to a person who changes from one religion or view to another.
    Engels was already a convert to socialist theory, and what he saw in Manchester confirmed his beliefs.

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