N with n

The 'agreement' group

These nouns refer to agreements made by two people or groups.
On 5 February, the council entered into an agreement with her, under which she could continue to live in the flat so long as she paid her rent arrears.
His contract with Benetton has not been renewed for next season.
Bargain is usually used with the verb make or strike.
All those years ago, she'd made a bargain with me. I'd kept it, and I knew she would have done too.
  • accommodation
  • accord
  • agreement
  • arrangement
  • bargain
  • bet
  • compromise
  • contract
  • covenant
  • deal
  • pact
  • treaty
  • understanding
  • Agreement, contract, and deal also have the pattern N with n for n.
    The engineering union, the AEU, announced an agreement with the car manufacturers, Rover, for a shorter working week.
    Agreement, arrangement, contract, deal, and pact also have the pattern N with n to-inf.
    The company suffered from the loss of a contract with General Motors to supply catalytic convertors, which help clean exhaust fumes.
    Arrangement, bet, pact, and understanding also have the pattern N with n that.
    Spotting the local tourist office, I lost a 10,000 lire bet with my sons that it would not be open.

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