N with n

Nouns with other meanings

There are a number of other nouns which have this pattern.
She had an account with the Newtown branch of the Southland Bank.
The following month, a meeting was to be held in Paris about Germany's border with Poland.
Symptoms usually appear any time from a few days to 6 weeks after contact with the infection.
I have no quarrel with the overall tone of David Cohen's analysis of European terrorism.
Treatment with a synthetic form of this chemical, levadopa, relieves symptoms for a time.
Line is usually used with the verb take.
If there is any evidence of corruption, UEFA have insisted they will take a tough line with offending clubs.
Refuge is always used with the verbs seek, take, or find.
After the soldiers left, he says he sought refuge with friends.
  • account
  • border
  • chance
  • check
  • collision
  • collision course
  • compliance
  • conformity
  • confusion
  • contact
  • frontier
  • infection
  • influence
  • integration
  • line
  • quarrel
  • quibble
  • reaction
  • refuge
  • replacement
  • situation
  • success
  • swap
  • treatment
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