N with n

The 'relationship' group

These nouns refer to relationships or links. These are usually between people but can be between things, as in the case of connection, correlation, and link.
His affair with Judy Garland was an open secret in Hollywood.
Under Stalin, economics did indeed move backwards. It lost any connection with real life and statistics.
Did you find out the extent of her friendship with Mr Stevens?
The Foreign Office is insisting that Britain wants better relations with Iran but had to act when public order was threatened.
I have a very close relationship with both my parents.
France has maintained close political and cultural ties with its former colonies in Africa.
  • acquaintance
  • acquaintanceship
  • adultery
  • affair
  • affiliation
  • alignment
  • alliance
  • association
  • bond
  • closeness
  • coalition
  • connection
  • correlation
  • dalliance
  • fellowship
  • fling
  • flirtation
  • friendship
  • infidelity
  • intercourse
  • intimacy
  • kinship
  • liaison
  • link
  • link-up
  • love affair
  • oneness
  • partnership
  • rapport
  • relations
  • relationship
  • romance
  • sex
  • solidarity
  • symbiosis
  • ties
  • unity
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