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The 'holiday' group

These nouns refer to absence, holidays, or journeys. The nouns referring to holidays or journeys are sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase indicating a destination or other place.
I've always wanted to go on a cruise.
Glen Wilgrove was on holiday in Holland when he took this photo of a sea of tulips in the famous Keukenhof Gardens.
Every time I come home on leave, something like that always happens, and I can't wait to go back.
Many public service workers are on strike today.
The young man was about to leave on a trip to California.
  • on holiday
  • on honeymoon
  • on leave
  • on sabbatical
  • on safari
  • on sick leave
  • on strike
  • on vacation
  • The following are used as normal count nouns:
  • cruise
  • flight
  • gardening leave
  • holiday
  • honeymoon
  • journey
  • sabbatical
  • safari
  • tour
  • trip
  • vacation
  • visit
  • voyage
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