on N

The 'top' group

These nouns are used when indicating the position of something or someone.
Then he sat back and made some notes on the back of an envelope.
Sam was sitting on my lap.
The picture on the left shows an armed soldier confronting a shouting youth.
She lives with her family on the outskirts of Birmingham.
We lived on one side of the road and the factory was on the other side.
The lifebelts were on top of the wardrobe.
  • on the back (of ...)
  • on the banks (of ...)
  • on the base (of ...)
  • on the border (of ...)
  • on the bottom (of ...)
  • on the corner (of ...)
  • on the cusp (of ...)
  • on the edge (of ...)
  • on the fringes (of ...)
  • on the front (of ...)
  • on the horizon
  • on the inside (of ...)
  • on the left (of ...)
  • on the outside (of ...)
  • on the outskirts (of ...)
  • on the right (of ...)
  • on the surface (of ...)
  • on the top (of ...)
  • on my knee
  • on my lap
  • on my left
  • on my right
  • on top (of ...)
  • on ... side (of ...)
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