poss N be that

The 'belief' group

These nouns refer to beliefs, ideas, wishes, and thought processes. The that-clause provides more information about them.
My assumption is that my doctor is nice and kind and really cares about me.
Their attitude was that they had sent their children off to college to get an education, not to protest.
'My belief is that education in these important areas of life should start at a very early age,' he said.
Our concern was that we maintain the quality of the school overall.
Their fear is that the ship could break apart.
My guess is that the robot will look more like a human than behave like one.
His hunch was that the prime minister would surprise people by winning the debate.
He's been gone now about a month and my opinion is that the poor child's certainly dead.
His philosophy is that it is better to be right for the wrong reasons than vice versa.
My suspicion is that the inquiry goes wider and could involve other traders.
Her theory is that the foetus can sense texture, rhythms and patterns of language, even though its hearing is not fully developed.
  • aim
  • analysis
  • approach
  • assessment
  • assumption
  • attitude
  • belief
  • bet
  • concern
  • conclusion
  • conviction
  • dream
  • estimate
  • expectation
  • fear
  • feeling
  • guess
  • hope
  • hunch
  • hypothesis
  • idea
  • impression
  • instinct
  • intention
  • intuition
  • judgement
  • nightmare
  • observation
  • opinion
  • perception
  • perspective
  • philosophy
  • policy
  • position
  • prediction
  • premise
  • presumption
  • rationale
  • reaction
  • reason
  • reasoning
  • recollection
  • sadness
  • sense
  • suspicion
  • theory
  • thesis
  • thinking
  • thought
  • understanding
  • view
  • vision
  • wish
  • worry
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