poss N

The 'release' group

These nouns refer to events and processes. The possessive indicates who or what is affected by the event or process. With many of these nouns, the noun is usually or sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase. This is a productive use.
Mr Smith's appointment as chairman in May was a sign of this business realignment.
The former premier of Ontario called for his dismissal.
Her arrival in Canberra, and her elevation to the Cabinet, was not exactly greeted with joy by her Labor colleagues.
Every tonne of this waste paper uses 90,000 litres of water in its manufacture.
His parole conditions are likely to include that he stays under 'house arrest' for at least six months after his release.
  • absorption
  • appointment
  • capture
  • construction
  • defence
  • dismissal
  • disqualification
  • division
  • election
  • elevation
  • enthronement
  • exclusion
  • expulsion
  • formation
  • foundation
  • founding
  • inclusion
  • induction
  • installation
  • manufacture
  • nomination
  • posting
  • reinstatement
  • release
  • replacement
  • selection
  • sending-off
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