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The 'colleague' group

These nouns refer to someone who helps or works with someone, and has the same status. We include here ally, which refers to a country that helps another one in a war.
Initial inquiries by West Midlands Police into the incident have revealed that the gunman and his accomplice live in London.
He said significant progress also had been made in breaking down the so-called 'code of silence' which stopped police giving evidence against their colleagues.
There was disappointment for the young diver after the 14-year-old and his partner came last in the synchronised 10m platform diving.
  • accomplice
  • affiliate
  • ally
  • associate
  • cohort
  • collaborator
  • colleague
  • comrade
  • comrade-in-arms
  • co-star
  • co-worker
  • partner
  • team-mate
  • workmate
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