the N be that

The 'answer' group

These nouns refer to something that is written or spoken. The that-clause provides more information about it.
What do the people think about this? The answer is that they are happy.
In essence, the argument is that planning by the state is dangerous and ineffective.
The message is that if you want something, you have to be as aggressive as men.
The myth is that money matters are a male domain, and that many women leave the choice of pension, mortgage or life assurance to their partners. The reality is that only 3 percent of women do so.
The proposal is that, for the first time, power will be rotated between the six regions.
  • allegation
  • answer
  • argument
  • charge
  • claim
  • condition
  • explanation
  • message
  • myth
  • news
  • proposal
  • rule
  • rumour
  • story
  • suggestion
  • tale
  • verdict
  • word
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