the N

The 'theatre' group

These nouns refer to a thing or place connected with a particular activity, situation, or institution and are used as a way of referring to that activity, situation, or thing. For example, the big screen is used to refer to films or the cinema industry, the throne is used to refer to the monarchy, and the dogs is used to refer to greyhound racing.
The Brady Bunch Movie was one of the funniest films ever to hit the big screen.
New Zealand banned the cane and strapping from schools in 1990.
He told him he had won a packet on the horses.
The first 20 years of Postlethwaite's career were spent almost entirely in the theatre.
  • aisle
  • ballot box
  • bench
  • big screen
  • birch
  • box office
  • cane
  • cinema
  • dogs
  • electric chair
  • factory floor
  • gallows
  • gutter
  • horses
  • hustings
  • land
  • negotiating table
  • old school tie
  • polls
  • screen
  • silver screen
  • small screen
  • stage
  • theatre
  • throne
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